Ben (deguspice) wrote,

Review: Green Bee Ginger Soda

I brought a four-pack of Green Bee Ginger Soda to a party this evening (along with Maine Root's Ginger Brew soda). I was curious how it compared to other ginger beers. The ingredients list sounded promising: carbonated water, honey, ginger, coriander (except I'm not a fan of coriander (cilantro taste like soap to me).

I tried it and I was disappointed. I could taste the honey and possibly the coriander, but there was almost no ginger taste. When I got home, I looked at their website and they have the text of reviews of their sodas.

It looks like the reviewers also noticed that the ginger taste is not significant. I think I'll stick with Ginger Brew. It has a very strong ginger taste that I enjoy (it works well in a float with vanilla (or ginger) ice cream).

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