Ben (deguspice) wrote,

Recently, while wandering through KMart, I saw a display of large (100 litre) bags of bean bag fill (tiny Styrofoam spheres). Since I had an old bean bag that needed to be refilled, I grabbed a bag.

Kmart's web page for the fill says:
Refill is ideal for keeping your beanbag furniture in top shape. Our whole, virgin beads easily make your beanbag fluffy and comfortable within minutes. Just unzip the zippered bottom of your beanbag, pour your new beads in, zip your beanbag up, and you're done, it's really that easy.

They forgot to mention the part where you vacuum afterwards (the new beans went in easily as they said, but the old bean crumbs would woosh out every time you released your grip on the chair and it settled down.

Ann is off to do some errands, including getting two more bags of bean bag fill. The large bag is very large and needs more, plus we have a "high back" bean bag chair that is no longer high.

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