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Nov. 19th, 2018

04:31 pm - Boarding Pass for Mars

I forgot my name is traveling to Mars (along with 2 million other people).

The Mars Insight probe lands on Mars a little before 3pm EST on November 26th.

You can watch the landing on Monday, starting at 2pm EST at https://mars.nasa.gov/insight/timeline/landing/watch-online

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Dec. 25th, 2017

05:04 pm - Back Cat

Two observations:
1) I much prefer having an 18 pound cat walk on my back than my diaphragm.
2) Despite being hungry and previously strongly hinting it's time to refill his food bowl, a cat will prefer to lie on my back, instead of letting me get up to feed him.

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Nov. 27th, 2017

11:04 am - Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold

Many years ago, Mary Chung Restaurant (and a art house movie theater) was forced to close so Bioran (aka Quest Diagnotics) could build a facility at the corner of Mass Ave and Main St. It took many years, but Mary Chung's eventually reopened across the street. Last night, when Ann and I went to dinner at Mary Chung's Restaurant, I was surprised to find that Bioran and the parking lot behind it are now a large hole in the ground. I wonder if Mary Chung is pleased to have outlasted Bioran?

The new building's website has a webcam (if you scroll down) showing the construction. (the website shows that the parking lot behind it will return)

(I wonder what happened to the stained glass mural in Bioran's windows. Part of the mural featured scenes inspired by Mary Chung's restaurant.

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Nov. 12th, 2017

08:23 pm

Two animal and one vegetable related news items from this weekend's Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! radio show on NPR.


Hilarious moment a sheepdog puppy herds a flock of sheep into farm family’s home

Seven-month-old Rocky was so enthusiastic to get started in his role he shepherded nine sheep through an open gate and into his owner's home.



Court bans zoo from letting children swim with crocodiles and alligators

At a unique zoo in Hesse, visitors can get up close and personal with deadly reptiles such as crocodiles and alligators. But on Thursday a court judge denied the zoo's appeal to be allowed to continue with these practices for children.


In one of the zoo's most popular event packages, the Dschungel (Jungle) birthday parties, the birthday child gets a photo opportunity with a live alligator and can even swim with a crocodile. But now no children will be able to participate.


Man Reports ‘Unexploded WWII Bomb’ That Turns Out To Be Zucchini

A man in the German town of Bretten reported finding an unexploded bomb from World War II in his home garden, but his neighbors can rest easy — unless they especially hate vegetables.


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Oct. 17th, 2017

03:40 pm - Midnight Snack Time

The cat is making it very clear that I should step away from the computer and instead that I should worship feed him.

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Aug. 20th, 2017

01:04 pm - Blooming Air Plant

In March, Ann and I went to the Jacksonville, Florida area for a vacation. One thing that's different about the area is that the trees are covered with air plants (many of them are called mosses, but they're not). As a souvenir, I picked up an air plant from the ground next to the tree it fell from and brought it home in a protective box.

I've been watering it by misting it with water. Last month, I read that once a week I should soak air plants in rain water (lots of nutrients). Up to now, it's been hard to tell if it's thriving or not. It's a bundle of pale green leaves. However this afternoon, I noticed that it has two tiny purple flowers.

I think it's a Tillandsia recurvata (aka ball moss (even though it's not a moss)). Reading about it in detail, I think I might move it from the kitchen window to the indirect light of the upstairs bathroom's skylight. It might also like the occasional moist air from the shower.

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Jun. 15th, 2017

11:49 pm - Lost and Found

The US Navy reports that a sailor thought lost at sea, was found alive seven days later hiding in engineering. Didn't Star Trek do that story 50 years ago?

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Apr. 28th, 2017

05:21 pm - Cheeky Chipmunk

I briefly made a chipmunk happy when I temporarily left the bird feeder on the ground.

chipmunk photo

Note the size of his cheeks. He made at least three visit to the feeder.

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Sep. 12th, 2016

10:42 pm - 404 Error: Beds Missing

While reading an article in the Boston Globe, I came across this sentence. I had to pause for a moment and realize they weren't talking about missing (404 error) beds.

"The state’s dominant pediatric hospital, with 404 inpatient beds and numerous outpatient clinics, wants to add 71 beds to its Longwood campus"

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Feb. 12th, 2016

12:22 pm

Recently, while wandering through KMart, I saw a display of large (100 litre) bags of bean bag fill (tiny Styrofoam spheres). Since I had an old bean bag that needed to be refilled, I grabbed a bag.

Kmart's web page for the fill says:

Refill is ideal for keeping your beanbag furniture in top shape. Our whole, virgin beads easily make your beanbag fluffy and comfortable within minutes. Just unzip the zippered bottom of your beanbag, pour your new beads in, zip your beanbag up, and you're done, it's really that easy.

They forgot to mention the part where you vacuum afterwards (the new beans went in easily as they said, but the old bean crumbs would woosh out every time you released your grip on the chair and it settled down.

Ann is off to do some errands, including getting two more bags of bean bag fill. The large bag is very large and needs more, plus we have a "high back" bean bag chair that is no longer high.

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